Rólunk | West Garden Lakópark – eladó lakások Hegyeshalomban

Professional team

With more than 2 decades in practice and over more than 100 large project, we implement the 21th century modern homes.

A highly experienced project team for the quality construction.


There is a design team with great experience and high technical knowledge behind the carefully prepared plans. 6 architect designers, a leading designer, and a number of technical associates helped until evolved the final version of the detailed architectural plan.

Turnkey ready finishing

In case of your demand, we prepare the apartments not only in heating ready but in a turn-key condition - accordind to your individual needs.


The major part of the project is constructed by our team members, a minor part will be made by professional and recognized, reliable subcontractors with whom we have a good relationship for decades.


In all cases, we will hand over our buildings together with the agreed content. There is no unpleasant surprise.

Technical csonstruction management

A good and assembled team is already an important factor in quality construction. In addition, we emphasize that the leading designer and the responsible technical manager shall control the work on a daily basis, personally. They consult with the stakeholders, and provide expert technical guidance for each work phase for workers and subcontractors too. We believe it has high priority in top quality construction process.

Építőinfó Ltd. - a project company for a noble task

We build the West Garden Residences as a project company. All members of the organization have decades of successful professional background in the fields of architecture and construction.

Each team member has his own strengths. There ara who is professional in architectural design, who is in precision construction process and who is the best in knowing the building materials and their smooth logistics. Complemeting each other, a team was formed that can serve the needs of the customer in the highest possible level in all areas.

Datas of the project comany:

Építőinfó Ltd.
Place of business: H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Tárnics str. 9., HUNGARY
VAT number: 13292052-2-08
Corporate registration number: 08-09-013211
E-mail address: info@westgarden.hu
Phone 1: +36 20 932 6273
Phone 2: +36 20 966 1750